You're interested in a compact SUV. The compromises that can come with them? Not so much. While a compact SUV can deliver a lot of desirable perks, one thing many of the vehicles in this class struggle with is versatility. They might be great for a comfortable commute or a grocery trip, but you'll have a hard time taking them off-road or tackling the tougher conditions that their larger siblings excel at.

The 2019 Jeep Cherokee is one of the great exceptions. Infused with the Jeep's rugged sensibilities, even its base models enjoy a heightened level of performance when compared to its competitors. You'll have access to a variety of engines, including a V6 option that's capable of a 4,500-pound towing capacity.

The real highlight of the Cherokee, though? The Trailhawk trim. With higher ground clearance and better performance driven by a variety of tweaks, the Trailhawk trim transforms the Cherokee into a genuine off-roader that can handle everything from tough roads to difficult terrain. It's one of the best options available for compact SUV drivers who want the power to partake in a bit of adventure on the weekends.

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