What is a Demo?
A "Demo" is a vehicle provided to Upper Management of the Dealership to use as a personal vehicle. It is kept on the lot during business hours to be used as a demonstrator vehicle for prospective buyers. Demos receive daily cleanings and are kept in immaculate showroom-ready condition at all times. Because they are never registered, they are still considered new vehicles and represent a terrific value over similar new vehicles in stock.

Demo Specials

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Discover New Demo Specials at Bonneville & Son

Here at Bonneville & Son near Manchester, NH, we want to make sure our customers get every deal they can. That is why we have specials dedicated to demo vehicles. But what is a demo vehicle, exactly?

What is a Demo Vehicle?

A demo vehicle is what it sounds like: it is a vehicle that acts as a demonstration for other similar cars in the lot. Demo vehicles are often given to a dealership's staff as personal vehicles and are often used for test drives around Concord. Often, demo vehicles will go on sale, leading to demo specials like the ones you will see at our dealership.

Why a Demo Vehicle is a Good Choice

While demo vehicles are used as personal vehicles by the Nashua staff and are used for test drives, that does not mean they lack good value. It is quite the opposite. Since demo vehicles are required for test drives, they are cleaned daily and are kept in immaculate condition. Demo vehicles need to be showroom-ready at all times, after all. And most are often considered new vehicles, which means they offer considerably more value than other vehicles in stock.

Take the Ram 1500 at our dealership near Bedford, for example. As a demo vehicle, it has been kept in great condition and still offers plenty of value. With comfortable seats, a smooth ride, a handsome cabin, and superb towing capability, it is hard to pass up this full-size pickup truck.

Pick Up a Demo Vehicle near Derry

Demo vehicles may be the secret you want to keep hidden from your neighbors. Offering fantastic value, they can easily be the best decision you could ever make for your driving life. Find your demo special at our dealership. Want to know more about demo vehicles? Contact us to learn more.